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Father John Misty release new video for 'Leaving LA'

Yes. We all love Father John Misty. Easy as that. His recent Grammy nomination is long overdue and would’ve probably been more well-received for his previous album, 2015’s I Love You, Honeybear. But instead it came for the still quite brilliant Pure Comedy.

To celebrate, it seems, FJM has released a brand new video for a track from the nominated album ‘Leaving LA’. A typical (13 minute!) track from Tillman as it dissects modern culture backed by a classical curtain of music designed to melt your heart, while lyrically he challenges yours and his own values at every turn.

It looks at his relationships with his girlfriend, his relationship with LA, with his mother, and basically everything else. He announces his subjective world view backed by the sweetest sounds.

Fitting then that this latest video is not the usual satirical mirror to the face of modern socio-absurdity but instead is a stripped back but luscious look at the live studio performance of the song. Backed by orchestral composition and FJM’s veracious and forlorn look, it’s a wholly satisfying video.

Watch below and hope for FJM to get the Grammy he likely deserves. Probably deserves it for the Ryan Adams trolling alone.