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Father John Misty reacts to Grammys win: "I just wanna say fuck society"


Father John Misty, who was nominated for two awards at the recent Grammy Awards, has reacted to winning the Best Recording Package category.

Misty, who shared the award with El Orisha De La Rosa, was not in attendance at the ceremony because he’s on tour in Oceania. However, in a recent video that emerged online of Misty’s show in Sydney, Tillman addressed the victory by saying “I just wanna say fuck society”.

“Uh, well, thanks. I don’t have a whole lot of time, but, God, fuck, I just wanna say fuck society,” Tillman said from the stage.

“I wanna say that this government is a criminal organization. Um, uh uh uh uh,, please go check that out. And, you know, when I was growing up everyone told me, you know—whether it’s like Mommy, Daddy, the church, schoolteachers, whoever—you know, everybody was always saying that, like, it’s what’s on the inside that matters, you know, and I think that this is really evidence of the fact that it’s what’s outside that matters.”

Watch, here: