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(Credit: Tore Sætre / Wikimedia)


Father John Misty drops latest literary ditty ‘Q4’

Father John Misty - 'Q4'

Father John Misty has dropped his latest unmistakably Father John Misty-esque song titled ‘Q4’. Taken from his forthcoming fifth album, Chloë and the Next 20th Century, the references to writing desks are typically in place, the score is characteristically Hollywood, and his silken delivery is once more eternally understated.

In short, the Valium-ed Jim Morrison has delivered another great piece of music that somehow has you wondering whether or not you like it. It’s like a tasty meal that you can’t be sure you’d have again, so you have it again, and again. The perfectly LA-based tune is a ditty of substance, but it is nevertheless substance we have heard from Mr Misty a few times before.

Almost as cinematic as the first single from the record, ‘Funny Girl’, this piano-led tale of a wayward woman who whisks in and out of our narrator’s life is a grand swaying sonic dose of classy black and white Michael Curtiz romance. But we’re all none the wiser by the end in reality, in every sense. 

Based on the two efforts so far, his style for the new record seems a little more sober than the jazz bar we wandered into on God’s Favourite Customer, with the hue of nostalgia ensuring that Misty handles his whisky like the Humphrey Bogart on this shimmer occasion. In another artists hands, it might come off a little kitsch, but Misty believes in the grandeur of his vision enough to bring it to life, even if it doesn’t burst out of the screen.

The new record is set for release via Sub Pop records on April 8th and Father John Misty is set to celebrate the release with a string of performances at the Rainbow Room in New York. You can get entry to the intimate shows by purchasing a limited signed LP from Rough Trade. 

You can check out the suitably vintage arthouse music video for the golden-age single below.