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Father John Misty opens up about bizarre Ryan Adams fall out


Father John Misty has openly discussed the recent dispute with fellow artist Ryan Adams.

Adams, who is garnering quite the reputation for the dishing out somewhat unnecessary insults to fellow artists on social media, hit out at Joshua Tillman just weeks after giving the Strokes some shit.  

Adams branded Father John Misty “the most self-important asshole on earth” before labelling him a Nick Cave impressionist and calling him ‘Elton Josh’: “Yeah, Elton Josh has never targeted another artist before. Ever. Weren’t you in a video of his lampooning Kurt Cobain? Ummmmmmm,” he tweeted before following it up with: “Did you hug Elton Josh when we talks shit about every person ever? You must be in a constant embraces with Sir Fuckhead.”

That said, Mr Misty has responded by expressing his confusion at the situation before wishing Adams well: “God only knows where that came from,” Tillman told NME. “I don’t know where that came from. I really don’t. He used to text me a lot. I hope he’s OK.”

In the wake of the unusual string of messages, Adams went on to delete the evidence before issuing an apology: 

“‪I’m human & I have bad days. It happens. I apologize. ‪I took a deep breath & remembered I can always do better‬. As a human I am never going to be done working towards being more compassionate, peaceful and open. So I leave this here as a reminder. I am very tired but it’s no excuse to be cruel to others, even if they have shown me that same meanness. It is better to love. With Love, ‪Forgiveness & Peace‬ ‪& Magic‬ XO”

Anyway, let’s all just move on shall we?