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Father John Misty shares stunning new single ‘Goodbye Mr. Blue’

Father John Misty - 'Goodbye Mr. Blue'

Lusher than a fresh satin nightgown and more reminiscently sweet than the dream of those little marshmallows in a bowl of the now-defunct Pokémon cereal you wolfed down in your sugary youth, Father John Misty has offered up the purest single yet from his forthcoming album, or maybe even any of his records for that matter.

With a stripped-back guitar plucking sound that almost ventures towards bluegrass, the swaying songwriter seems to be at his most nakedly vulnerable with the new track ‘Goodbye Mr. Blue’. However, far from raw and ragged, this approach finds him serving up some pillow-propped dreaminess that has you longing for fields of green and a bit of wholesome escapism.

Very few flourishes enter the five-minute mix, just a repeating acoustic refrain and even lyrically the song is kept simple. However, it is always far too breezy to ever stagnate, and it rolls by with the sort of embalming lick that has you reaching for the rewind just so you can be whisked up in its calming embrace once more.

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Over slide guitar, Misty croons about the last time coming too soon with the sort of adversity-induced smile that makes you celebrate the sentence that went before without lingering on full stop. With a tale that almost conjures thoughts of Johnny Cash, the acoustic anthem has a truly timeless feel to it. 

The album housing ‘Goodbye Mr. Blue’ has been titled Chloë and The Next 20th Century. It is set for release via Sub Pop and Bella Union on April 8th 2022. Alongside the usual formats, it will also receive a limited deluxe release featuring singles from the record covered by Lana Del Rey and Jack Cruz respectively. 

If the tracks released so far are anything to go by then Father John Misty looks set to return to the balladeer stylings of I Love You, Honeybear complete with the orchestral stylings and show tune arrangements. For the album, Father John Misty has once again teamed up with Jonathan Wilson who has produced all of his solo LPs to date.

You can check out the beauteous ‘Goodbye Mr. Blue’ below.