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Father John Misty goes 'Pure Country' with his new track


It wouldn’t be a Sunday without a small sermon from The Father, and gladly Padre John Misty has stepped up to this week’s pulpit with a country cover of the title track from his recent album ‘Pure Comedy’.

And thus ‘Pure Country’ has been delivered to us with a gentle desert lilt and the roaring glint in the eye of a man with his tongue firmly in his cheek. A country spin on his neo-romantic sonic works remarkably well, and perhaps speaks of FJM’s insatiable appetite for Americana, but nonetheless is entirely golden and rich in the right places.

Father John Misty is no wallflower when it comes to making genres and styles his own, his cover of Ryan Adams’ covers of Taylor Swift’s 1989 was, if nothing else, a frankly brilliant concept. But where that was much more a barbed prod at society, this cover speaks of a longing for a more sepia-filtered time.

Take a listen to ‘Pure Country’ below.