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Father John Misty gives hope with 'Holy Hell'


He may be known for his somewhat downbeat view of the world and with the state of affairs 2016 has presented us and him with, you’d forgive Mr Tillman if he went a bit dark on his latest release ‘Holy Hell’.

And with the first few chords struck on his famously sparse ivories you’d think FJM was going down his usual path. It tickles along the line of mourning the possible loss of a nation’s sensibilities and crooning with melancholy to his brothers and sisters in arms.

As the track continues however you can feel the swell of emotion building within the lyrics. As he determines the economy, the at times peverse and disgusting rhetoric and the imposing future ahead a concern for all. All the while pushing us closer to the edge of despair that is until…

“Well, my friends, yes I’m talking to you, there’s no one in control, and it’s our life to choose”

Listen. Enjoy and engage below.