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Fat Whites bring out the B-Side

Yesterday Fat White Family announced the release of a brand new track, Breaking Into Aldiwhich was released on Monday 15th August 2016 on their own Without Consent label. Today they share the b-side track ‘Connan Mockasin’

Recorded in the Catskills and Trash Mouth studios and produced by Sean Lennon, Liam May and the Saoudi brothers, the track is the band’s first new material since the release of their second album Songs For Our Mothers in January, ‘Breaking Into Aldi’ was co-written by Lias, Sean Lennon and Cole Alexander, talking about the track, Lias said:

‘This song is a post apocalyptic vision of a barely united United Kingdom bereft of quality German supermarkets and their insipid low prices; Breaking Into Aldi is the anthem that never was, a call to arms for the senselessness of our future futility, an overcrowded shadow begging for a rerun, a sell out by sell outs for sell outs. This Fat Whites collaboration with Cole Alexander of the Black Lips, Sean Lennon and Zumi Roscow of the K Holes is by all intents and purposes the sound of hopelessness attempting to bleed itself dry.’