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Far Out speak to Ruen Brothers ahead of Y Not Festival

Y Not Festival is just a few hours away, but we managed to catch up with Ruen Brothers, to see what they had to say ahead of their performance this weekend.

Scheduled to play ‘The Quarry’ stage on Sunday at 4pm sandwiched between Solemn Sun and Kim Churchill on the bill, the two siblings talk drinking, shuffling and Snoop Doggy Dog:

Far Out: It’s Y Not Festival’s 10th Birthday this year, everyone loves a party. How pissed are you going to get?

No, seriously.. how are you going to celebrate?

Ruen Brothers: Maybe we’ll bring the audience a birthday cake? Who knows. We’re always in the mood for a good party.

FO: Cake aside, what else will you be getting up to over Y Not weekend?

RB: We’ve never been to Y Not so this is our first time on site. Looking forward to checking out the different stages. So much good music over the weekend! Our usual festival weekend consists of drinks and a bit of shuffling.

FO: I’m going to go old school with this interview, that alright? Fuck it. What was the last piece of music you bought?

RB: Can’t Feel My Face – The weekend.

FO: With that in mind, If you could collaborate with anyone during your set this year at Y Not Festival who would it be? And what would you perform?

RB: Curtis Mayfield and ‘Move On Up’, because how cool would that be.

FO: Pretty fuckin’ sweet. While we’re on with the desert island questions, if could only pick one song, what would it be?

Such a difficult one, ‘In Dreams’ – Roy Orbison. It’s hard to get tired of that soaring melody and progression.

FO: Fuck it, let’s carry on like this. You’re Mr Blonde in Reservoir Dogs. Who’s in the chair and what song is playing?

RB: One of the darkest/most disturbing scenes in film from our favourite director. I think we are both too peaceful to consider inflicting that kind of torture upon anyone.

Cutting off an ear and attempting to set someone a light whilst having a boogie to Stealers Wheel is a little too far for revenge. Besides it doesn’t end too well for Michael Madsen does it?

FO: I mean, that’s pretty fair… maybe I went a bit rogue there, i’ll slow it down. What is the most important event or milestone in music history? In your own personal opinion, of course

RB: Invention of the radio. Guglielmo Marconi is the man responsible for the first commercially successfully built radio transmitter in 1894. His research and innovation lead to the first airing of live music from the Metropolitan Opera House in New York City, January 1910.

Today, radio is still the number one way people discover new music. We have a lot to thank Marconi for.

FO: Excellent knowledge, you’ve got to love a good ol’ fact, right? Anwyay, we go again. Who is your ‘one to watch’ this year at Y Not Festival?

RB: Has to be Snoop Dogg right? Caught the beginning of his set at Radio 1 Big Weekend, but had to dash as we were playing on the BBC Introducing stage as he was finishing his set. Been fans since we were little. Snoop Doggy Do-oww-ohh-ogggg.

FO: Regretting saying ‘one to watch’ already. Argh. What’s on the horizon for the next 12 months for Ruen Bros?

RB: We’ve got lots of releases, touring, festivals! It’s going to be an exciting year ahead. Can’t wait to share everything with the people who support us!