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(Credit: LT Wade)


Far Out Magazine launches new ‘Talk Talk’ livestream series with LT Wade


At a time when millions of people remain in a prolonged period of lockdown, Far Out Magazine is teaming up with musician, artist and producer LT Wade for the new livestream series entitled ‘Talk Talk’.

Wade, the British creative living out of pandemic epicentre New York City, will take to Far Out Magazine’s Instagram and Facebook Live with a weekly episode of ‘Talk Talk’ which will welcome a host of different guests for a 30-minute conversation.

“What does Covid-19 mean for the future of your local music scene?” Wade asks in his recent opinion piece on the future of music. “When are you heading back to the club? Will bands and venues be able to come back after the pandemic in the same capacity? Or does the music industry have to change?” he adds with an air of caution. While the topic of the current crisis will typically feature, Wade will also use ‘Talk Talk’ as an opportunity to escape from the heavy weight of the coronavirus debate and discuss a wide range of topics in the creative field.

Launching Tuesday, April 28th, Wade will welcome Oli Deakin of Lowpines and Beardriver to the first episode of ‘Talk Talk’. Tackling topics such as music production, songwriting and other creative outputs, Wade and Deakin will offer an insight into the experimental and expressive nature of their studio time while detailing different techniques and methods used in their sonic output.

“At a time when we’re being forced to re-evaluate the way we socialise and change the methods in which we indulge in forms of entertainment, ‘Talk Talk’ seems like a natural progression for people of a creative mindset to explore a different side of the people they admire the most,” Far Out Magazine editor-in-chief Lee Thomas-Mason said in a statement.

Adding: “Offering a peep behind the curtain of a wide-ranging assortment of guests on a weekly basis, ‘Talk Talk’ gives viewers the chance to dissect how an album is created, listen in on a conversation between those who add differing contributions to the final process of creating a record. Liam Wade, an artist who has vast amounts of experience in many different aspects of the music industry, arrives as the perfect host for a series that promises to be a fascinating insight.”

The show will begin at 8pm GMT and 3pm EST.

Below, find both Far Out’s Instagram and Facebook pages to tune in.