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Far Out 40: A sexy Valentine's Day playlist


If we know the average Far Out reader like we hope we do, then you’ll all be rushing home from work this Valentine’s Day, tearing off your clothes and tucking into a large kebab for one on your lonesome… but at least you’ll have the smoothest tunes in the neighbourhood to accompany you. 

Aside from obvious overtly sexual lyrics or Barry White’s aural orgasms, it is hard to know exactly what it is that makes a song sexy. When it comes to accompanying a romantic evening, you don’t just want to fly in with Serge Gainsbourg and Jane Birkin essentially having sex on record with ‘Je t’aime moi non plus’, that is simply too sexy, it would out sex the evening. 

With that potential faux pas in mind, we’ve kept our creative mix sexy without landing too close to the nose. After all, you don’t want to be yelling ‘get a room’ as your speaker and likewise too much obscenity has no place in the rose petal world of commercially engineered seasonal romance. 

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Therefore, for this year’s playlist, we kept things classy and asked our in-house relationship expert, who for privacy reasons refused to be named, how they keep things steamy. “When I’m doing my classic bucking I take things slow and peter out from there,” they said with a strangely virginal grin. 

Seeing as this proved fruitless, I then expanded my scope and actually read some surprising drab academic reports on the matter, and loaded with all the BPM, instrumentation and pitch studies that hard science in the field of sexy studies has to offer, created the playlist below.

As ever, operating on a one song per artist basis, there are some classics you’ll know all too well and maybe a few new ones thrown into the mix too. All that is left to say is please enjoy it responsibly.

A sexy Valentine’s Day playlist:

  • ‘Infernal Machines’ by The Divine Comedy
  • ‘Make It Wit Chu’ by Queens of the Stone Age
  • ‘Anemone’ by The Brian Jonestown Massacre
  • ‘A Time for Us’ by Joe Pass
  • ‘That’s Where It’s At’ by Sam Cooke
  • ‘Music To Watch Boys To’ by Lana Del Rey
  • ‘I Want You’ by Marvin Gaye
  • ‘I Want You (She’s So Heavy)’ by The Beatles
  • ‘A Tout Casser’ by Johnny Hallyday
  • ‘Woman to Woman’ by Joe Cocker
  • ‘Slow Jamz’ by Kanye West, Twista, Jamie Foxx
  • ‘Feel Like Makin’ Love’ by Roberta Flack
  • ‘Time of the Season’ by The Zombies
  • ‘I Just Wanna Make Love to You’ by Etta James
  • ‘Underwear’ by Pulp
  • ‘D’yer Mak’er’ by Led Zeppelin
  • ‘Penetration’ by The Stooges
  • ‘Miss You by The Rolling Stones
  • ‘Take Me to the River’ by Al Green
  • ‘Jungle’ by Jimi Hendrix
  • ‘Showdown’ by Thin Lizzy
  • ‘Do I Wanna Know’ by Arctic Monkeys
  • ‘Touch Me’ by The Doors
  • ‘They Say I’m Different’ by Betty Davis
  • ‘Kiss’ by Prince
  • ‘Desire Lines’ by Deerhunter
  • ‘Henry Lee’ by Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds, PJ Harvey
  • ‘Moondance’ by Van Morrison
  • ‘Rooms on Fire’ by Stevie Nicks
  • ‘Bonnie and Clyde’ by Serge Gainsbourg and Brigitte Bardot
  • ‘Fade Into You’ by Mazzy Star
  • ‘Crystalised’ by The XX
  • ‘Baby’ by Donnie & Joe Emerson
  • ‘To Love You Baby’ by Donna Summer
  • ‘For the First Time’ by Mac DeMarco
  • ‘The Moment’ by Tame Impala
  • ‘Novacane’ by Frank Ocean
  • ‘When You’re Smiling and Astride Me’ by Father John Misty
  • ‘Les Fleurs’ by Minnie Riperton
  • ‘Dr Feelgood (Love Is a Serious Business)’ by Aretha Franklin