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(Credit: Charlotte Player)


Falle Nioke and Ghost Culture share the pulsating new song 'Mounemouma'


Falle Nioke and Ghost Culture’s latest release ‘Mounemouma’ is ensured to get your body moving and to unleash a smile upon your face, just in the nick of time for the weekend. The track is taken from their debut EP Youkounkoun which they teamed up for earlier this year and it is nothing short of superb.

Nioke is a singer and percussionist from Guinea Conakry in West Africa and the title of the EP, Youkounkoun, is the name of his village, a location in which the Coniagui tribe live. Their language is also called Coniagui, which is just one of the many languages that he is a master in, he also sings in French, English, Susu, Fulani and Malinke and, on ‘Mounemouma’, the artist sings in both Susu and Malinke. Ghost Culture, the other half of the team, is an esteemed producer in his own right and has taken Nioke under his wing. The two have blended their very different backgrounds together to create an absolute delightful EP, with ‘Mounemouma’ being the stand-out track as well as the latest single.

Nioke arrived in the UK two years ago, after a period travelling around West Africa, singing with a troupe of musicians and learning different cultural rhythms. This experience has gifted the 33-year-old with an immensely broad world view that has made this collaboration with Ghost Culture all the greater, as the electronic producer’s sounds clashes beautifully with Nioke’s traditional African style.

“Back home, if you travel to Europe or America, people think that you will forget them and forget your life back home,” says Nioke of the single. “There’s an African proverb that says ‘a wooden log may remain 100 years in the water but it will never become a crocodile’. You can’t change who you are and where you come from.”

“The people in the photographs are my family. Loty is my big brother, who is mentioned in the song, and my friends who helped me along the way also appear. Their people were there for me when I was struggling in the battlefield of life. I dedicate this song for all the people with who I have spent time in this life,” Nioke added.

‘Mounemouma’ is also the latest episode of Far Out Magazine’s new Facebook series ‘Emerging Sounds’, a project which shines a light on some of the best new music that’s simmering under the radar right now.

Let Nioke & Ghost Culture invite you into their world, below.