Credit: Holly Whitaker


Fake Laugh share the shining new single 'If You Don't Wanna Know'


Ahead of a tour supporting Far Out favourites Gengahr, Fake Laugh has shared a brand new single with enough cheer to shake all the grey and impending doom form the sky. It’s our, much needed, Track of the Day.

Fake Laugh, AKA Kamran Khan, has shared the shining new track ahead of his new record too. The album Dining Alone sees Khan blend a mix of masterful interludes, armchair grooves and the jangle-powerpop you hear in this single, ‘If You Don’t Wanna Know’.

On the single, Khan offers the following: “People spend a lot of time worrying about issues of all sorts of shapes and sizes. This song attempts to capture those serene moments, when none of your doubts or concerns are anywhere to be seen. I often feel at my most content and carefree when travelling somewhere, so the song is also a bit of an ode to being on the move.”

Khan continues “Musically, the song has some pretty surprising sounds, but I think elements like the orchestra-hits and classical guitar solos add to the vibe of the song. Was truly having some fun with this one, so I hope other people will too.”

It’s a mark of the liberation Khan is feeling some six years into his musical journey with Fake Laugh. He sounds freer than ever and the music is all the better for it.

Listen to Fake Laugh’s shining new single ‘If You Don’t Wanna Know’ below