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(Credit: Spotify)


Faithless transform anthem 'Insomnia' into a 27-minute sleep-track


Faithless have unveiled a new sleep-friendly remix of their ’90s club anthem ‘Insomnia’. The track has been remoulded into a 27-minute sleep track, to help night owls drift off into a restful slumber.

The track – titled ‘Insomnia: Blissful Sleep Remix’ – is a slower version of the original track that has been crafted with the help of sleep experts in order to provide restfulness.

Speaking about the origins of the classic track, Sister Bliss said: “It’s hard to believe we produced ‘Insomnia’ 27 years ago in a garden shed. Being in there all day and then DJ-ing at night was like having permanent jet lag, so I came up with the title ‘Insomnia’ because I literally couldn’t sleep.”

She continued: “Once released, the track became an anthem for a generation of late-night clubbers who, as the lyric goes, were also getting ‘no sleep’. With that legacy in mind, the opportunity to collaborate with OTO on the creation of a Sleep Remix was one I couldn’t turn down. I can’t wait to get the track out there and help a nation of bad sleepers finally get the rest they’re craving.”

The new remix has been created in partnership with CBD bran OTO, and is available only on Soundcloud, Featuring an orchestra of 15 musicians and an updated ASMR version of the refrain: “I can’t get no sleep”

The release comes two years after the dance outfit released their first album in 20 years, All Blessed, which arrived in 2020. Speaking about the release at the time, Faithless said: “In this troubled and increasingly violent world, lyrically the album tries to reflect what has always been the Faithless manifesto: be conscious, be caring, love yourself so you can love others and understand who you are and where you are never polemical but hopefully intelligent and (occasionally!) inspirational.”