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Failure become the latest band to leave Spotify: “It’s been a scam for artists since the beginning”


What started with Neil Young leaving Spotify last week over misinformation disseminated on the exclusive Joe Rogan Experience podcast, has now resulted in a bit of a mini mass exodus from the streaming platform. 

Joni Mitchell and Nils Lofgren soon followed and then yesterday brought the exit of Graham Nash and a few others. Now, Failure has joined and pushed the message beyond misinformation claiming that it has been a scam since the start.

The apparent low royalty rates for artists has been a long-running discussion about streaming for a decade now and Failure seemingly feel like the misinformation debate has been the final straw. 

In a statement, they announced: “Until now, our ambivalence about Spotify has been based on their draconian royalty calculation which essentially gives artists a microscopic fraction of the money being generated by their music on the platform.”

Adding: “We’ve all seen the stories of just how little Spotify pays artists whose product powers their entire business model. It’s been a scam for artists since the beginning, following in the tradition of the major label model which preceded it.”

They then continued to discuss the tricky predicament that many artists find themselves in. “But artists who want to have their music heard by the most ears possible have had a tough decision to make.”

This issue is furthered by the problem of inertia, whereby Spotify users have already amassed all of their songs in one place and crafted playlists that would prove difficult to reproduce. 

They asked: “Do we give our music to a company that devalues our product to the point where royalty checks from Spotify have become the butt of humorous memes, or do we withhold our music from the platform and supposedly miss out on an ‘entire generation of music listeners?’”.