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(Credit: Factory Records)


Factory Records icon Alan Erasmus is heading to Ukraine to aid those affected by war


In times of war, it is often wondered what part culture has to play. Aside from hope and solace, it can still remain a driving force for positive change in the most perfunctory sense despite how fragile it may seem on the surface. As the founder of Factory Records, Alan Erasmus knows this all too well and he is bravely set to travel to Ukraine to offer his humanitarian assistance.

As a co-founder of the iconic Manchester record label, Factory, Erasmus helped to bring about progressive change to the region by celebrating grassroots arts. As Erasmus said in his message to journalist Dave Haslam this morning: “On Friday I thought, ‘I’m not having this’, I’ve fought bully’s all my life, Putin is no different.”

Despite leading the fight of making art more inclusive in embodying a punk ideology that brought huge change to not just the Manchester region but culture as a whole, Erasmus has been a trailblazing figure who preferred to shun the limelight. 

However, connecting with others has always been his MO and now he is appealing for assistance that would aid him to apply this overseas. 

“This is a very, very important moment in history, it cannot be lost,” he wrote. Adding: “I have booked a flight to Krakow for tomorrow, from there I will make my way to Kyiv. Once there (with Durutti in mind [Factory Records band Durutti Column named after the anarchist monument in the Spanish Civil War]) I will set about convening the Factory Nentsov Column made up fellow helpers and volunteers.”

If anyone is able to offer assistance to Erasmus throughout his journey then you can contact Haslam by interacting with the Tweet below as he looks to support those in need overseas. We will also hopefully offer further updates soon.