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EZTV Stream LP 'Calling Out' In Full


We recently brought you the ever cool and smouldering-ly good vibes of  Brooklyn band EZTV and their recent single ‘Soft Tension’.  Well now the band are streaming their debut LP Calling Out until the day of it’s releases.

A composite of every era you can lay claim to, and amid across the board gentleness and charming personality, the album really endears itself to its audience. It takes the sometimes mundane Americana and turns it in to something everybody can enjoy. A peacful jaunt among jangling guitars and calming rhythm.

It melts beautiful melodies with heartfelt lyricism and nuance whilst still maintaining a freshness to set itself apart. Sounding at points Californian and at times distinctively East Coast the band are creating a holistic sound which we can seem to get enough of.

Listen to all of Calling Out below.