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Ezra Koening talks about the new album and Kanye West


After chatting with Entertainment Weekly, Ezra Koening has shared an update on the new Vampire Weekend album which is being eagerly awaited.

Influenced by his work writing for Knaye West, Ezra went on to detail some of the huge trends affecting the new LP. He noted that on ‘Mitsubishi Macchiato’ (the working title for the new LP) he wanted “200 people” to work on the record following working with Kanye.

“Increasingly that seems like that’s the way that people work […] It’s not just pop; that pop way of working starts to encompass the whole music industry”, he said. Apparently, he changed his mind though. “At the end of the day, the people I’ve ended up enjoying working with are the people I already knew”.

We can also confirm there will be a spot or two on the LP for Rostam, Ezra said: “We have some stuff that we started a pretty long time ago”.

“I’m the type of person who has spent hours poring over the avant-garde poetic lyrics of certain songwriters, and there was something that felt so good [about how] from the first verse, you knew who was singing, who they were singing to, what kind of situation they were in. After the show I realized there’s not a ton of Vampire Weekend songs where you could listen to the first verse and immediately answer the question of who’s singing and who are they singing to”. He went on to say that the new album is “80% done”.

We can’t wait.