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Ezra Furman takes on Vampire Weekend's 'Unbelievers'


Sometimes a track can just grab you by the eras and force you to love it. Ezra Furman is normally the man behind the wheel of that particular freight train in recent years, and now with somebody else’s train, he has done it again. His take on Vampire Weekend’s ‘Unbelievers’ is Track of the Day.

An absolutely raucous and riotous version of Ezra Koenig and Co’s indie-pop charmer ‘Unbelievers’ has set our office alight today. The pounding rhythm punctuated more heavily by the furious fuzz Furman has inside of him at all times, turns this Vampire Weekend classic in to a brand new track for us.

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Ezra Furman had this to say about the track: “With Ivy League cunning they realized there were more interesting and profitable directions to go with their music. But the punk instincts still shine through in many of their songs. I heard ‘Unbelievers’ as a punk song almost immediately, adventurous production and orchestral touches notwithstanding.”

“It takes one to know one. In the midst of our recent ambitious and inventive music, I started to get a strong urge to reconnect with my high-tempo voice shredding punk roots. Covering this song was a perfect gateway from one to the other. Plus, no matter how deep in love I am with Judaism, there is a never-ending supply of religious alienation and rage in me. Felt good to spill some more of that out.”

Take a listen below.