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Ezra Furman shares animated video for 'Suck The Blood From My Wound'


Ezra Furman is a conceptual artist. Whether he is denoting a particular movement or artistic expression or creating an album, his latest Transangelic Exodus being a perfect example, Furman always tries to elevate his work. No wonder then that his latest video for ‘Suck The Blood From My Wound’ maintains the album’s “queer outlaw saga” rhetoric.

The video, animated by Du Blonde’s Beth Jean Houghton, sees the song and video stay true to the album’s message while still delivering something completely strange and new.

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Paste Magazine reports Houghton saying, “The video is a cell animation comprising of hundreds of illustrations, each frame hand drawn. I chose to do individual watercolour paintings for the backgrounds to add more depth and life. I’ve gone through over 120 pencils and my hands have swollen to the size of pizzas.”

It was worth the pain though as the video sees Ezra fleeing hospital as he continues his search for his love. Moving through the repulsive and colourful world he continues on his exodus.

Watch it here and enjoy.