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Ezra Furman - Lousy Connection


Ezra Furman the Chicago born songsmith has been around the scene for a long time, his punk roots are what made his name and his enigmatic performances are what cemented it. However in his latest track ‘Lousy Connection’ taken from his new LP Perpetual Motion People  (stay tuned tomorrow to see more on that) the singer moves into an entirely different hook ridden genre.  It’s so good we made it our Track of the Day.

Furman has been teasing us with his new style, recent release ‘Restless Year’ was a pop driven sound we hadn’t heard from the previously oft-screaming ragamuffin. ‘Lousy Connection’ moves him even further in to the guitar-pop zone. We couldn’t be happier.

Starting the song with a doo-wop vocal the track breaks down in to a piece of horn backed, dreamy neo-soul. It still has the classic sardonic nuance of Furman’s uniqueness but breaks in to a fully-fledged sing-a-long.

Drenched with beats to tap your feet and lyrics to pull the heartstrings ‘lousy Connection’ is a brand new direction for Furman. It’s one he is taking in his constantly changing stride. Hookier than Captain Hook on a gigantic hook… eating hooks, it’s hard not to get caught up on this number.