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Credit: James Memmerman


Ezra Furman drops stellar ballad 'Point Me Toward The Real'

Ezra Furman - 'Point Me Toward The Real'

Art-pop legend, Ezra Furman has shared her first song of the year. ‘Point Me Toward The Real’ is a languid ballad featuring added instrumentation such as horns and a drum machine. It’s one of her best cuts in a long time, evoking the maturity of an artist that’s been a round for a long time. 

John Congleton produced the track, and the horn arrangements come as a courtesy from Nate Walcott of Bright Eyes. The soulful backing vocals are from Shannon Lay and Debbie Neigher, and together with the horns, they create a warming soundscape and one that will have you press replay without thinking. There’s elements of Deerhunter, Patti Smith, and dare I say it, Bruce Springsteen, and it’s brilliant. We cannot wait to hear what else Furman has in store for us this year. 

The lyrics tell the story of the narrator being released from a psychiatric facility. “Point me toward the real motherfuckers, point me toward the real / I’ve been lied to and abuse, time to try to heal,” Furman laments.

“This is a neo-soul song about getting released from a psychiatric hospital, which has never happened to me,” she explained in a statement. “But really it’s a song about what you do right after abuse, imprisonment, a brush with death. Who do you call when it’s supposedly over? Where do you go? How do you know what you want?”

Furman concluded: “We’ve all recently been going through something terrifying. We’ve all made friends with death in the last two years. When I look to the future, I want to know who has my back? Whose back do I have? And what is real, what and who can I rely on? Point me toward the real; there’s no other direction I want to go.”

In September last year, Furman released an EP written for the Netlfix smash hit Sex Education. She also appeared on Du Blonde’s record Homecoming, delivering vocals on ‘I’m Glad We Broke Up’. Her last album came in the form of 2019’s Twelve Nudes, so we think it’s high time that a new album be released. 

Listen to ‘Point Me Toward The Real’ below.