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Extremely rare vinyl copies of Prince's destroyed 'Black Album' uncovered


Multiple untouched vinyl versions of a long-lost Prince album entitled the ‘Black Album’ have been discovered.

In 1987, Prince was planning to release The Black Album LP and ordered 500,000 copies to be pressed by record label Warner Bros. However, as the date closed in for release, Prince became obsessed with the theory that the album was ‘evil’ and demanded that all copies were to be destroyed.

Shortly after Prince passed away, a promo version of The Black Album became the most expensive vinyl record ever sold on Discogs when it was flogged for $15,000. However, in a brand new exclusive reported by Rolling Stone, numerous versions of the record have been found untouched in closet for 25 years.

Apparently, a daughter of a former Warner Bros. worker asked her father to send her some free records having just bought her first ever record player. Remembering the moment, he looked through a box recently and found five versions of The Black Album still sealed and in perfect condition.

Having found the discovery, the man contacted former Warner Bros. Executive Vice President Jeff Gold who now runs music memorabilia store Record Mecca: “I sold the first one with a single phone call to a client,” Gold says. “I’m guessing the others will sell very quickly.”

Bloody hell.