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Exploring the Vienna wineries and drinking in the view

Vienna, the world’s only capital to have a vineyard within its city limits.

Vineyards amidst the vast streets of the city of Vienna is something to behold and, from the vineyards on the hills of the outer city, you can take in the panoramic views. Taking in such sights as the St Stephen’s Cathedral, Danube River and the Riesenrad Ferris Wheel. Fritz Wieninger quipped that the “first time I came up here I thought I was going to fall on the houses,” from his Vienna vineyard.

Steeped in history, these vineyards have been a common view of Vienna since the Romans settled their military camps here in the first century AD. Trips on trains to the outer city districts are accompanied by breathtaking sights of the city 700 hectares of vineyards that stretch from the Vienna Woods to the Danube river.

Trekking across the vineyards, it is quite hard to believe that you in the middle of a city with a strong population of nearly two million residents. You can test the urban vintages on the city streets of Vienna, with the district of Grinzing being overrun by tourists.

If you want to drink amongst the local Viennese, head over to districts Nussdorf, Sievering and Stammersdorf. Its difference from the common process of wine-making is that the mix the varieties of grapes grown on the vineyard before the fermenting process. Whereas common practice mixes prior to the process of fermenting.

It is worth visiting the Vienna vineyards to take in this spectacle of an urban vineyard. Here, we take a quick glance at the area:

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