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Exploring the spectacular treehouse hotel in China

Hidden deep among the red cedar wood tree in the Chinese province of Anhui, the newest innovation of The Qiyun Mountain lives among nature.

The timber-clad building constructed by Shanghai architecture office Bengo Studio, offering 360-degree views of the surrounding beauty, sits amid its 120 square meters location and comprises of two bedrooms, two bathrooms, and a living room, all surrounding a central spiral staircase.

With guests invited to stroll through the glazed corridor and invited to take inspiration from the natural surroundings, the hotel is accessed by the effortlessly picturesque winding road which in itself is befitting of such a property.

Elevated above the forest floor, the hotel is composed of multiple timber boxes stacked upon each other. Strategically designed, the architects assured the height of the building matches that of the surrounding trees but still allows panoramic views of the canopy.

At around 33 kilometres south of Huangshan City, the hotel is easily accessible to those looking for a unique escape from urban life and looks like this: