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Exploring the extraordinary 'Pinecone Treehouse' hotel

In what has been dubbed by many as the ‘world’s best treehouse’, California’s remarkable pinecone structure sits gloriously perched 50 feet in the air.

Built and designed by Dustin Feider, who started his business ‘O2Treehouse’ in 2005 with the task of redefining how we can harmlessly co-exist with nature, has seen his work go on to gain national and international recognition.

Suspended within the giant redwoods of Santa Cruz, California, the Pinecone Treehouse uses the architectural design of Slice Lab who have incorporated the use of glass in order to harmlessly slip into its surroundings with an extreme modern edge.

Inside you’ll find a queen-sized bed sitting on top of the triangle-shaped see-through floor panels, allowing guests to explore the Californian forest at all times. The bathroom, fit with outdoor shower, sink and toilet, can be found on ground level meaning a journey up and down the ladder will be required.

Built with the intention of creating a space that allowed guests to be fully immersed into the wilderness surroundings, the Pinecone’s 360° floor to ceiling panoramic views certainly achieved it. O2Treehouse make bespoke structures for guests while the Pinecone Treehouse has been made available to rent on Airbnb.

Explore the structure, here: