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Become an expert in the films of Christopher Nolan with this video essay


Almost every movie fan has some idea of Christopher Nolan’s work. The powerhouse director has made a number of iconic films, including The Dark Knight, Tennant, Inception, Interstellar, Dunkirk, and countless others. And even amidst a stunning versatility, he maintains an ever-evolving style that remains recognisable. 

When it comes to learning film history and even analysis, an entirely new wave has emerged within the past few years of video essayists who take to YouTube to share both their opinions and their knowledge on all kinds of film-related topics. We have the available tools to be film experts more than we ever have before, and one of those creators happens to be Cameron Beyl.

Beyl is more than just a YouTuber, though, opting to share his videos via Vimeo and creating in-depth, hours-long sagas that could count as films themselves—and this includes his four-part series on the career of Christopher Nolan.

If you want to get to know Christopher Nolan as a filmmaker, Beyl might just be the perfect person to introduce you. He starts off in the first part by diving into Nolan’s early years, specifically about the time he spent making Super 8 movies with his brother Jonathan, as well as some of the early short films he made when he was in University. It follows him all the way up to his feature debut, wherein we cut to the second part. In the next video, Nolan is offered the chance to remake Insomnia alongside executive producers George Clooney and Steven Soderbergh. The second part of the video also wades into the beginnings of the Batman universe.

The third section of the video essay contains some of the biggest hits of his career, including Inception and The Dark Knightboth of which being films that cemented Nolan as an icon in the cultural consciousness. In the remaining part of the video, the Batman trilogy continues, we reach his work on Dunkirk, and Beyl offers his own perspective on what is—or perhaps, should be—next for Nolan. However, it really is up to each individual person to decide how they feel about his body of work.

After all, Beyl makes a point to give his audience an extremely nuanced and well-rounded overview of his career, so you end the series fully equipped to make your own decisions on Nolan’s history, as well as his style moving forward.

If you want to explore this epic video essay and get a full overview of Christopher Nolan, grab some snacks and a cup of tea, because you’ll be cosied up for the long haul on this one.