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(Credit: Exit Kids)


Exit Kids share new track 'Munny'


Settled somewhere between bedroom pop and garage rock, perhaps ‘laundry room rock’ or ‘outhouse electronica’, lies the two-man band Exit Kid.

The English duo, comprising of former Years & Years member Emre Turkmen and drummer Dylan Bell, have just released their newest single, ‘Munny’.

Quick and catchy, ‘Munny’ is a political tune about the corruption and deception that comes with having power in modern society. What could easily have been a half-assed incoherent ramble about “the powers that be, man” instead takes the form of a slow-burning and eternally replayable rock tune.

“‘Munny’ is an exhausted rant about the continued blurring of the lines between truth and lies,” Turkmen says in a press release. “I felt compelled to vomit the words whilst watching the US election and the storming of the Capitol building. The profiteering from such things by the likes of our old chum Facebook is maddening but seems to me a time-honoured capitalist tradition. Most people talk a good game, but when the time comes vote for their own self interest.”

Exit Kid have been on quite a roll as of late. Last year’s ferocious ‘Working Stiff’ was a loud and brash banger, and its accompanying EP Garden had great tunes in ‘Hell in a Handcart’ and ‘Bleary Eyed’. The band’s alt-rock sound is much rougher and harder-edged than Turkmen’s work in his former band, and it’s great to see an evolution, or perhaps emancipation, from an artist. Having a band you like to split apart is never easy, but it really does sound like Turkmen wanted to pursue a sound that was antithetical to what Olly Alexander was angling towards in Years & Years. The good news is that now we have two bands making great music to enjoy.

Check out the audio for ‘Munny’ down below.