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EXCLUSIVE: Stream Cotillon's Self-Titled Debut

We recently featured Cotillon as one of our Track of the Day slots and he delivered effortlessly with ‘Call Me Up’ which was shiny and bright with the gentle pop sensibilities of a timeless artist. We are very happy to exclusively bring you the stream forhis brand new self-titled debut out on Super Fan 99 today!

Singer-Songwriter Cotillon (AKA Jordan Corso) has a knack for a tune, from the previously mentioned and insanely catchy ‘Call Me Up’ to the slightly sardonic ‘Asteroid’ or the melancholic ‘Convenience’, Corso’s ear is undeniable and his ability to add the ambivalence of a modern world in to an ageless love song is imperious.

Cotillon uses his LA base to create some West Coast surf songs, full of hazy sun and lost connections, such as ‘Before’, but his real cache is his ingenuity in making pop songs sound fresh, current and natural. He has similarities to so many artists it’s hard to limit them down but the most apparent are Darwin Deez, Foxygen and Modern Lovers.

This LP is likely to be the start of something long and lasting for Cotillon, his post-modern take on modern music is intoxicating in its simplicity and organic growth. Nothing feels contrived on Cotillon, nothing deliberate or definitive, just pure unbridled musings from the heart.