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Exclusive: Strange Cages share 'Hypothalamus Blues'


We’ve been long time fans of the snotty and snarling Brighton trio Strange Cages for a while now. We’ve championed their twisting and turning tempestuous sound and so we jumped at the chance to give you the first taste of their new work.

So here it is, ‘Hypothalamus Blues’ another gut punch of guitar, rhythm and dark twisted blues. Having followed up their Theo Verney produced debut ‘Desert’ with the single ‘Pony’, Strange Cages went on to release their head-spinning EP ‘The Cracks’ last year, and now the trio return with ‘Hypothalamus Blues’ on Vallance Records.

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Brighton has to be one of the cultural hotbeds for the music scene currently, churning out acts and artists who are starting to dominate the space. But none are as close to the devil and so keen to shake his hand as Strange Cages.

On this new track they melt together not only proto-punk, krautrock and their own brand of psyche-surf but also anyone’s face who dares to get too near to the speakers. ‘Hypothalamus Blues’ is a track to tattoo Strange Cages, and the rest of the industry, with the mark of the beast.