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Evil Blizzard share new single 'Sacrifice'

Evil Blizzard share new single 'Sacrifice'


Evil Blizzard are pretty fucking terrifying.

Four bass players, a singing drummer, an array of rubber masks that could give even the most open minded fetish lovers nightmares as they enter the unknown.

In 2014, debut album The Dangers Of Evil Blizzard was released upon the world propelling the five-piece into a strange, unusual and ultimately confusing realm of positivity from the great Mark E Smith.

“I like Evil Blizzard, they give me hope that music is alive and kicking” – the Fall frontman once said. 

And now they’re back. Having been approached by Richard McNamara from Yorkshire indie band Embrace, fresh from having his mind reduced to mulch after witnessing Evil Blizzard in the flesh, McNamara offered to record the bands next album.

“He pretty much begged to produce us,” admits bassist and keyboard player Filthydirty. “Initially we were a little hesitant as there seemed to be few musical similarities between the two bands but after several meetings it was apparent that Richard had some incredible ideas and a vision of how to capture the chaos and energy of the live shows; something that was lacking on our debut album. Evil Blizzard thrives on chaos and it was great to have a Captain at the wheel.”

So here it is then, Far Out’s Track of the Day, ‘Sacrifice’ by Evil Blizzard: