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Everything you need to know about Venice's new visitor rules

At the start of this year, Venice announced a new tourist entrance fee. The fee is to help with the damage that the impact of tourism is having on the city. The cost of upkeep is seriously affecting the city. It is set to introduce a new booking system where the cost will rise to €10 in peak tourist times.

This new tourist tax will be introduced on 1st May 2019. Each visitor will be charged €3 tax, then from 1st January 2020 that will rise to between €8 and €10 depending on the season. For example, summer will be expected to be higher as the influx of tourists increases.

The Italian Minister for Tourism as said that the tax is “useless and damaging” hinting that it will drive away tourists, taking to Twitter on Wednesday.

With tourism increasing, Venice isn’t the first major tourist location to take drastic measures with Thailand shutting there Maya Beach and Boracay closing to tourists so they could implement better rules for a more environmentally friendly process.

Venice’s new charge will be included in the price of visitors’ train, plane, bus or cruise ticket and passed on to city authorities, most likely. It is only for day trippers as visitors are already charged a tourist tax if they spend more than one night in the city.

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