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(Credit: Everything Everything)


Everything Everything return with new single 'Supernormal'

Everything Everything - 'Supernormal'

Everything Everything have returned with their blistering brand new single, ‘Supernormal, which burns bright inferno-style.

Last year, the Manchester band released their fifth studio album, Re-Animator, in the middle of the initial lockdown and have still not had the chance to perform it on the road. Yet, Everything Everything hasn’t let that hold them back from releasing even more new music, and they’ve earned our gratitude for their services to all-things indie through these tough and testing times.

The track is quintessentially Everything Everything, no other band in the country have a vocalist who one could even liken to frontman Jonathan Higgs. His vocal range allows him to do things that others could only dream of, and Higgs’ expert skills are matched by his animated performance, which sees Higgs flick from angry to sincere back to enraged in an instance.

Higgs also created the video for ‘Supernormal’, after he learnt a useful skill during the pandemic rather than just downloading Duolingo and using it once. On the video, Higgs explains: “At this point I’d learned texturing, modelling, rigging, animating, how virtual cameras and lights work, so the path to creating ‘Supernormal’ was a matter of putting it all together, alongside some new experiments in physics simulations.

“The idea was to make dozens of tiny, explosive shots of action, ugly and extreme naked characters being distorted, surreal objects and animals, over-saturated colours, bright lights; all these impossible, grotesque images coming at you far too fast to comprehend. I adjusted and experimented until I saw things that excited or disgusted me, then repeated the process over and over again until I was satisfied.”

Speaking about the single, he added: “‘Supernormal’ is about supernormal stimuli; highly exaggerated triggers that create a stronger reaction in us than evolution ever intended. Our animal brains can’t help but reach for the bigger, brighter, tastier, sexier, bloodier, more intense experiences. I wanted to create an extremely overwhelming experience in this song and video, it’s about being a slave to our instincts no matter how extreme they become.”

The track is Everything Everything up to their old abstract tricks, but despite the seemingly far-fetched theme of the track and video, there’s a cordial lesson to be learnt from the heart of it. ‘Supernormal’ points fingers at unavoidable elements in human nature to want to get bigger in every sense of the word, without ever taking a moment to contemplate and take stock.