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Evan Dando hits out at Jawbreaker following Lemonheads’ tour firing


Evan Dando has labelled Jawbreaker “pussies” after The Lemonheads were fired from their tour in a scathing response to the decision. 

In a post back in April, Jawbreaker announced that Lemonheads would no longer be part of future dates in their Dear You tour, in a statement that read: “Unfortunately Lemonheads won’t be joining us as planned for Philly, Boston & Silver Spring. BUT we are stoked to [add] the Get Up Kids on those shows.”

The bands had previously played two dates together, however, Jawbreaker seemingly took the decision to remove them from the bill, owing to Covid-19 violations. 

Since then, Lemonheads frontman Evan Dando has stated: “I just want anyone and everyone to know that Jawbreaker are pussies. Fact not my opinion.”

Continuing his Twitter response by adding: “Or rather they aren’t the Bruce Springsteen’s of alternative rock that they pretend to be. I’ll meet any of them any time for a fight, let’s go.”

He then continued to give his side of the story about why they were fired. “They threw me off for violating a rule that wasn’t posted anywhere. We got kicked off the tour for going into the audience before the show. I committed to doing those shows. I wanted to do the shows. I was pissed off for being thrown off.”

With the 25th anniversary tour set to attract big crowds, Dando has said that it has “seriously compromised our financial situation and I really don’t think we deserved it.”

However, he later dropped his argument and concluded: “It’s just dawning on me how ridiculous it is to be tweeting about this bullshit when there’s a war going on. I don’t want no beef with nobody including you guys Jawbreaker. Maybe we can do it again sometime?”

Jawbreakers are yet to respond to the matter. 

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