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Europe's first underwater restaurant is due to open in Norway

Situated in the quaint town of Båly in Norway, Europe’s first underwater restaurant is preparing to open its doors.

The restaurant, which is brainchild of renowned architects Snøhetta, is named ‘Under’ which means both “sunken” and “wonder” in Norwegian giving this new restaurant a magic feel.

The venue will be half submerged just off the coast and its brutalist concrete sides give the impression of an ice cube bobbing around in a drink. Very sleek, the design tries to be one with nature blending in seamlessly with its cutting edge.

Having designed the Opera House in Norway and also its banknotes, Snøhetta are no strangers to unique designs. Their aim with this build was to “enhance our sense of surroundings, identity and relationship to others and the physical spaces we inhabit”. Doubling up as a research centre for marine biologists and other researchers, this maritime build is sure to cause a stir.

“We’ll attract tourists from all over the world. That is our goal. I hope and believe that this will be the start of a new age for the travel industry,” says Gaute Ubostad, one of the founders of this very special restaurant project which will also make it the world’s largest underwater restaurant.

He added: “We aim to become a spearhead in order to have success in the international market. The restaurant will not only enhance Southern Norway’s position; it will solidify Norway as a whole. I believe it’ll be an attraction that makes that more people consider it exciting to come to Norway and combine a visit here with other things.”

At around 16 feet below the surface of the water, this dining experience is like no other. Customers will be able to enjoy unique views with its panoramic window and lit-up seabeds. The views will only get better with time as the designs concrete dies will encourage underwater wildlife to cling to it eventually attracting more aquatic life.

Under have information plaques lining the water’s edge to give guests the opportunity to learn more about maritime, hopefully fostering awareness and engagement.