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Europe's best destinations for millennials in 2019

Europe often conjures up images associated with elegance, age, and history. Thousands of years of often-tortured history is visible on the streets of all major European capitals, while people flock in their millions to experience high culture, haute cuisine, and classical art. However, Europe also represents the new and the youthful.

Many of Europe’s cities are Meccas for millennials, given the high quality of life, laid-back culture, and some of the most exciting nightlife on the planet. If you’re looking to move to Europe or are just in need of some inspiration for your next trip, then take a look at the hottest destinations for millennials in 2019. 


Is there any other destination that could top this list? Berlin is indisputably the youth capital of Europe, featuring low rents, cheap food, and the most insane nightlife on the planet. Culture vultures can benefit from the hundreds of museums in this historic capital, the majority of which are discounted or free if you’re a student or under the age of 25. As the old saying goes, “Du bist verrückt mein Kind, du musst nach Berlin” (“you are crazy my child, you must go to Berlin”).


Year-round sunshine, more bars per capita than almost anywhere else in Europe, and a thriving international community – what’s not to like? For millennials looking to relocate, Malta is home to a thriving tech scene, with a number of global iGaming platforms choosing to set up shop here. Tech-savvy companies like Mr Green are headquartered here and are keen on hiring talented people from across the globe. There are few places more idyllic in which to start a career in tech.


Move over Lisbon, it’s all about Portugal’s sexy second city. Porto is an ideal alternative destination to Portugal’s oversaturated capital city, with its booming nightlife, growing tech scene, and incredibly welcoming locals. This city also comes out on top as one of the most affordable cities in Europe, meaning that cash-strapped millennials should have plenty of extra cash to spend on that morning latte. The alternative arts scene here is second to none, making the city a magnet for promising artists across the continent. 


Serbia’s capital is only just reestablishing itself as an attractive destination, with the scars from the recent civil war being nowhere to be seen. The city has spent serious money cleaning up its public spaces and reducing crime, making this affordable city one of the best places to try something more adventurous. Recently hailed by magazines like Vogue as “the new Berlin”, owing to its edgy and uninhibited nightlife, this city is rapidly rising through the ranks as one of the most on-trend destinations in the world. 


If you can look past the hordes of stag parties and the immense crowds of tourists that gather in the Old Town Square, you’ll find a city that’s raw, refreshing, and ready to party. The Czech capital has long-enjoyed a reputation as being one of the most progressive cities in the world and the massive LGBT+ scene here is a testament to that. The economy is also booming, meaning that there has never been a better time for ambitious millennials to swoop in and land a job at major tech firms like Invea and Skypicker. 

Europe has always been a great place to let loose. What these outstanding destinations show us is that it also makes a great place for young people to build a life and live it well.