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(Credit: Wikimedia)


Rare erotic drawings by JMW Turner revealed in new exhibition


The erotic drawings of landscape painter JMW Turner have been revealed in a brand new exhibition dedicated to the artist’s newfound works.

Better-known for his wondrous maritime paintings, the private side of the artist’s work has rarely been seen until now, with the curators of the new exhibition, named Between the Sheets: Turner’s Nudes, hoping to diversify the perception of this English icon. 

“I think he was very interested in sex, and why shouldn’t he be?” commented the co-curator of the project, Franny Moyle, “He was a human being like the rest of us”. From drawings in life classes to more explicit bedroom scenes, the organisers of the exhibition are going so far as to state, “Parental or guardian discretion is advised”. 

Expressing her excitement about bringing the new exhibition to the public, the co-curator of the show, Jacqueline Riding, further added, “We almost know minute by minute what Turner was doing in terms of sketching and travelling and exhibiting…The one thing we really couldn’t find a lot of information about was his private life, and even more so his relationship with women”.

Riding also worked closely with British filmmaker Mike Leigh, as his advisor for the biographical of JMW Turner’s life in the 2014 movie, Mr. Turner, where leading actor Timothy Spall depicted the iconic artist. 

Between the Sheets: Turner’s Nudes will be on at Turner’s House, Sandycombe Lodge from July 8th – October 30th.