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Emma Thompson details shooting her first sex scene alongside Jeff Goldblum


Dame Emma Thompson has been recalling early moments in her career that led to shooting her first sex scene.

The scene, which came alongside Jeff Goldblum in the Richard Curtis rom-com The Tall Guy, took a bizarre turn when she was left with pieces of toast on her arse.

Speaking to the popular podcast series My Dad Wrote a Porno, 53-year-old Thompson explained: “My first film… was called The Tall Guy and there was a sex scene in it.”

She added: “Because it was a comedy sex scene, we were shagging on the piano, we were shagging in the breakfast things. There was shots of my arse with bits of toast stuck to it. Two f***ing days of being nude on set.

“And when the campaign came out, the Campaign Against Pornography… said that if they were to show their children a sex scene, they would show that one, because it was fun, and funny, and full of humour. Because I noticed at the time that all sex scenes, everyone was so angry. They’re angry! You look at people’s faces, you look at Basic Instinct. Sharon Stone… livid! So cross!”