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(Credit: dominick D)


Emma Roberts set to star in new horror film 'Abandoned'

After appearing in last year’s controversial horror thriller The Hunt, Emma Roberts has expanded her body of work by signing up for yet another horror project called Abandoned. She set to star alongside the likes of Michael Shannon and John Gallagher Jr. in this brand new film which will be funded by a partnership between Three Point Capital and Vertical Entertainment.

A joint statement by the two companies stated that this project marks a new beginning for their respective journeys into the modern film industry: “Abandoned begins a new chapter for Vertical Entertainment and Three Point Capital and we could not be more excited to be partnered together on this journey.”

Continuing, “As we successfully did with Abandoned, our financing strategy moving forward will be hyper-focused on the symmetry of art and commerce making sure that the ratio of story, talent (both in front of and behind the camera) and spend equates to a fantastic consumer experience that is beneficial to both Vertical’s and Three Point’s bottomline. Our initial strategy is to activate this model for 2-3 projects annually beginning in 2022. From there, we will see where it takes us.”

Abandoned is our first foray in this endeavour and we are extremely proud of the progress thus far,” added Vertical partner Peter Jarowey. “Marking Vertical’s fifth collaboration with producer Rob Barnum, the screenplay is terrific, and Spencer delivered an extremely frightening, yet relatable, feature brought to life by his incredible cast.”

Although most of the details about the production aren’t confirmed yet, it has been revealed that the film will be a rehash of the haunted house genre and will play around with many of the dominant tropes.

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