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(Credit: Emitt Rhodes)


Emitt Rhodes, famed US singer-songwriter, has died aged 70

Emitt Rhodes, the famed and hugely influential US singer-songwriter, has died aged 70.

Rhodes, who began his career in a number of different projects such as The Palace Guard, The Merry-Go-Round and more, went on to become a prolific multi-instrumentalist and record producer.

His death, which was confirmed by representatives in a statement issued to Pitchfork, was also revealed by filmmaker Tony Blass. “I feel honored and blessed to have worked and spent time with him for the past 12 years,” Blass, who created a documentary on Rhodes’ career, said in tribute.

“I tried my best to tell his story, share his music and spend some quality time with him. We usually got completely drunk together.”

Rhodes, who released six studio albums during his career, began life in music by forging his own home studio and expanding his knowledge with prolific effect: “I was a drummer and I had a piano and I had a guitar and I just started there,” he said in a 2001 interview.

Adding: “The next thing I knew I wanted to play the violin and the sax and the flute and the harmonica and the banjo and everything. I’m a tinkerer. I would buy an instrument and an instructional book, and just play scales for an hour a day until I felt comfortable doing it.”

Emitt Rhodes is said to have died in his sleep on July 19, 2020.