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Emily Wells - Mama’s Gonna Give You Love

Seeing as though it’s Christmas, we thought we’d give a little treat today as our track of the day with three brilliantly contrasting versions of ‘Mama’s Gonna Give You Love’ by the intoxicating Emily Wells.

The Brooklyn-based Texan is back with her latest offering, a combination of an original, acoustic and remix varieties that reaffirms Wells’ adaptable ability. Already a comfortable multi-instrumentalist Wells repeatedly cites hip-hop influences through her career, a blend of genres forcing her into a rare state of musical individuality.

Trained as a classical violinist, she’s the sort of artist that when you’ve listen to her music you know she’s a total babe, but a babe you probably shouldn’t mess with or she’ll fuck you up.

Emily Wells is an artist whose innate complexities lift her out of that particular stable and into a realm all of her own, and with a live show that is diverse, distinctive, and utterly her own.