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Emily Blunt's "favourite film of all time"


Rising to prominence throughout the late 2000s, actor Emily Blunt now operates at the height of Hollywood cinema, working together with her husband and collaborator John Krasinski to climb up the ladder of the industry. Thanks to their ongoing horror series A Quiet Place, featuring Blunt, Krasinski, Cillian Murphy, Djimon Hounsou and Millicent Simmonds, the pair now enjoy consistent success in the contemporary industry. 

Along with her high-profile role in Disney’s live-action remake Mary Poppins Returns, Blunt is also due to work alongside Christopher Nolan for his 2023 film Oppenheimer, with the project telling the story of the controversial scientist J. Robert Oppenheimer, the man behind the making of the nuclear bomb. Featuring alongside the likes of Florence Pugh, Cillian Murphy, Matt Damon, Rami Malek and Robert Downey Jr, the new film will no doubt elevate the status of Emily Blunt even higher. 

Now carrying a loyal following of fans, Emily Blunt has recently revealed more about her industry inspirations, telling Rotten Tomatoes that when it comes to her favourites, she often looks to such directors as Steven Spielberg, Robert Benton, Rob Reiner and Miloš Forman. Picking out Kramer vs. Kramer, The Princess Bride, One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest and The Lives of Others as some of her all-time top picks, none of these films better the influence of one particular 1970s blockbuster. 

Steven Spielberg turned down potential ‘Jaws’ reboot

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Jaws is my favourite film of all time,” Blunt reveals to the publication, noting the Steven Spielberg classic, that scared a whole generation of people to avoid the open water, as her coveted personal pick. “I’ve seen it about 30 times. Even though it has a ludicrous backdrop of them trying to find this Great White shark, I think it’s a film about people and relationships — and I just think the performances are fantastic,” Blunt lovingly exclaims. 

“I do think it’s a perfect movie,” Blunt explains, giving no let-up as she rains compliments down on the film, praising it for its “amazing characters” and special, “very commercial, suspenseful backdrop”. 

Released in 1975, the film is credited for sparking the modern Hollywood blockbuster, with audiences queuing around the block (hence the term) to see the brand new shark flick that was advertised with heavy merchandising. The model of the film’s release would go on to influence Western cinema in the remainder of the ‘70s and into the 1980s when the industry became obsessed with the ‘movie franchise’. 

Leaving an indelible mark on the fears of an entire generation, Jaws was known for terrifying audiences at the time, with Blunt adding, “I know so many people worldwide who became victims of Steven Spielberg and will not go in the water”. This extends to the actor herself, revealing she was scared of the film for a long time, adding she’s “still terrified” of sharks to this day.