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Listen back to Elvis covering The Beatles’ ‘Yesterday’ and ‘Hey Jude’ in Las Vegas, 1969


Some songs are covered again and again. The Beatles’ classic from the heart and mind of Paul McCartney ‘Yesterday’ is one of those songs. The track has been covered over 2,200 times in all with most renditions feeling as flat as a pancake. One man though is sure to change that though, and his name is Elvis Presley.

The two artists have a lot in common. Both found fame and fortune at a relatively young age, both ignited the fire in the bellies of their audiences, both encouraged a frenzy among fans, and most importantly both revolutionised music in one way or another. It’s safe to say that without these two artists the musical world as we know it would be very different. How lucky we felt then, when we stumbled upon this recording of Elvis performing the Beatles’ song ‘Yesterday’ from the LP Help!   

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The song, as is now well documented, came about following Paul McCartney and a dream about his mother. The story goes that one night while dreaming, Paul was visited by his recently passed mother who sang the song to him in his dream to comfort him. While the cynics among us can easily screw up our faces at this prospect, we at Far Out are going to choose to believe this story as it makes us feel warm and fuzzy.

The Beatles may have followed the frenetic energy of Elvis over ten years later but their power-pop sensibilities clearly resonated with the King of Rock and Roll. So much so that during some of his performances in Las Vegas in the August of 1969 the King would cover not only ‘Yesterday’ but also the anthemic ‘Hey Jude’.   

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The King’s love affair with the fab four wouldn’t end there, as he also went on to cover three more tracks from The Beatles. Elvis also lent his swashbuckling hips to the songs ‘Something’, ‘Get Back’ and ‘Lady Madonna’ at different points in his career. But for us, you can’t beat the soulful sounds of Presley’s vocal tone on the delicate and immersive lyrics of Paul McCartney.

Take a listen back to Elvis’ medley of ‘Yesterday’ and ‘Hey Jude’ from his Las Vegas show in 1969 below. Below that is a video clip of The King singing ‘Yesterday’ as part of the rehearsals for his residency in Sin City just a year later.

Source: Elvis Biography