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Elvis Presley - That's Alright

Today we’re taking a break from introducing the world’s most weird and wonderful new talents and, instead, reverting back to a time in 1954 which, in my humble opinion, one of the most important and profound moments of musical history occurred, so important, in fact, that if for whatever reason the history books were void of the event, a majority of the group’s we all know and love might not even exist.

The occasion? Well, some of you may have already guessed, on July 19th 1954, exactly 60 years ago today, the King of Rock & Roll arrived as now legendary Memphis, USA label Sun Records released ‘That’s Alright’, a then 19 year old Elvis’s sexed up Rockabilly cover of Arthur ‘Big Boy’ Crudup’s age old blues tune.

Selling over 200,000 copies, ‘That’s Alright’ opened the door for other Rock & Roll royalty such as Jerry Lee Lewis, Johnny Cash, Carl Perkins and Roy Orbison to start plying their trade at Sun and subsequently, such was Elvis’s phenomenal impact and influence, began changing the face of culture the world over…. if that’s not worthy of our Track of the Day, nothing ever will be.

What a tune. What a bloke.

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