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Elvis Costello reveals new song ‘Phonographic Memory’


Elvis Costello has release ‘Phonographic Memory’, a track which serves as the B-side to the previously released ‘We Are All Cowards Now’.

The new release comes as part of the forthcoming brand new album Hello Clockface. The record, which is due for release on October 30th, was recorded during stints in Finland before heading to Paris for sessions at Les Studios Saint Germain.

The recording of the new song takes the form of a short story, one which is recited over an open-tuned acoustic guitar soundtrack and as such is unique in Costello’s recorded catalogue.

An extract from the tale reads: “After the peace was negotiated and the internet switched off, knowledge returned to its medieval cloister, in this and that illuminated volume, the jealous possession of the pious and the superstitious, who might once again wield ignorance like a scythe.

“They’re draping stones with colours and a roll of stolen names except those we never cared about and those we need to blame.”

Stream the new number, below.