Elton John pays heartfelt tribute to The Prodigy's Keith Flint


Sir Elton John has paid an emotional tribute to The Prodigy’s Keith Flint following the singer’s tragic death.

The singer of iconic dance act was confirmed as dead at the age of 49 after being found at his Essex home. An inquest, which has been looking into Flint’s tragic death, confirmed his suicide and declared his passing as “not suspicious”.

“I’m opening the show [with Firestarter] to pay tribute to Keith Flint, who passed away last weekend,” John said as part of his Rocket Hour show on Apple Music’s Beats 1. “What a shame. What a seminal record, what a seminal group they are or were.”

“I don’t know if they’ll continue, but when I first heard that and saw the video I just thought, ‘wow, what is this…’ Such a tragedy. My condolences to Keith’s family and the band. They are one of the most original groups to come out of England, ever.”

In other news related to Flint, a petition to erect a statue of The Prodigy frontman in his hometown is gaining momentum as thousands of signatures are secured.

As the band’s hit single ‘Firestarter’ continues to climb the charts in tribute to flint, Prodigy fan Saphya Gower is taking things a step further by petitioning for a statue to be erected in Braintree.

“Keith was important to not only the people of Braintree, but was well loved and respected world wide and a pivotal piece of the music industry,” said Gower states in the petition. “Braintree being The Prodigy’s hometown, we should remember him. It’ll also reflect how important it is to talk about mental health and not to suffer alone.”

She continues: “Keith Flint was an icon, a legend in the music industry. He has had such an effect on so many people over the years, his energy and passion while he’s on stage or off stage was magical. He was such a lovely, genuine person too and we all feel deeply saddened by the news of his death. The Prodigy’s music and Keith’s memory will always remain a big part of my life and to millions of others.”

“The plan will be when it reaches a monumental amount of signatures to present it to the council and see what they maybe able to discuss and contribute. It’s early days yet obviously but hopefully the outcome will be the right one. My parents generation had The Beatles and The Rolling Stones. My generation had The Prodigy, Manchester has Oasis, Braintree has The Prodigy.”

The petition has already been recognised by Braintree District Council, a spokesman saying: “We were saddened to hear about the passing of Keith Flint, who is an iconic part of our cultural heritage, and many residents grew up listening to The Prodigy’s music.

“When the petition is passed to us we can consider suitable ways of remembering his contribution.”