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(Credit: Ludmila Joaquina Valentina Buyo)

Elton John shares the best career advice he ever received


One of the elders of rock and roll has laid down some truth for those just starting out in the business as Elton John shares the best career advice he ever received.

As part of Spotify’s continuing feature, ‘Best Advice’ asked Elton John what, if any, was the best piece of advice he got during his long and glittering career. He revealed that it had come from his American agent Howard Rose.

The advice was for John to perform at smaller venues than he knew he could fill despite his growing fame, which in comparison, came quite quickly for John. Howard’s advice was about sustaining that fame.

“‘When you’re in places like New York and Los Angeles and you can sell out big venues, we’re gonna put you in smaller venues and create a ticket craziness, so you sell out straight away and no one can get a ticket,’” he recalls Rose telling him. “That means the next time you come around, you’re gonna sell out a bigger venue.”

It’s just one of Spotify’s ‘Best Advice’ features, but this advice is coming from one of the music world’s most adored figures. So we suggest you listen up.