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Elton John reveals his all-time favourite horror movie


A dazzling performer and icon of British pop culture, the ambition of Elton John doesn’t stop at the music industry, with the influential figure having lent his face and talents to a wide range of films as well. 

Famously appearing in Matthew Vaughn’s action sequel Kingsman: The Golden Circle, John has also composed for several projects, winning an Academy Award for his song ‘The Circle of Life’ from The Lion King as well as ‘I’m Gonna Love Me Again’ from Rocketman, a biopic about his own life in the music industry. Depicted by Taron Egerton in the 2019 film, Rocketman instilled a brand new appreciation for the classic performer. 

Discussing some of his favourite films of all time following the release of the strange enigma of Gnomeo & Juliet, for which he composed music, Elton John spoke to Rotten Tomatoes and revealed a surprising love for horror.

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Listing his personal picks, John, somewhat surprisingly, chose The Exorcist by William Friedkin, a horror film that became a cultural phenomenon when it was released in 1973. “It frightened the shit out of me,” John told the publication, recalling: “I remember going to see it in London – I went with a friend – and I said, ‘Well, that wasn’t too bad after all, was it?’ And we both said, ‘Well, I don’t want to go home quite yet.’ So we went out for a meal. That is an incredible movie”.

In addition to the surprising horror choice, Elton John also picked out the classic Francis Ford Coppola film, The Godfather II, the second movie in an iconic film series that would have an indelible effect on the legacy of American cinema. Speaking fondly of the film, the musician stated: “Just riveting. It’s just incredible…I think it’s an amazing, amazing piece of filmmaking. He was an amazing director, Coppola”.

Veering away from such Hollywood classics, John also picks out the German film The Lives of Others, following a pro-socialist playwright whose house is bugged by a corrupt government official. Recognised as one of the finest foreign films of contemporary cinema, the emotional drama casts a fascinating light on life in Germany before the collapse of the Berlin wall in November 1989.

“It’s just an amazing movie,” the musician and composer stated, calling the post-war surveillance film “beautiful” as he phrases other classic German-based war movies such as The Reader and Downfall.

In addition to these picks, John also chooses the classic drama All About Eve and the Mel Brooks comedy Blazing Saddles, though these are somewhat typical films for the icon to go for, unlike the surprise of Friedkin’s The Exorcist which remains “an incredible movie” for the Rocketman himself.

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