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Electric Moon - The Picture


It’s a fact that most people, whilst sensory deprived, see hallucinations and even in some cases, hear things. A couple of hours in an isolation tank should do the job, however, with the likes of Electric Moon, there doesn’t need to be an isolation tank of any descript. Instead, senses are heightened, specifically the hearing of course. Electric Moon sound like the cosmos unfolding, spasmodically exploding, a chaotic structure of sounds that will elevate you into a sphere of, well, psychedelic insanity. So, this is no shock that these guys will be headlining this year’s most prestigious trip, that being the Berlin Psych Festival.

Imagine the likes of Explosions in The Sky on hallucinogens or Godspeed You! Black Emperor on a trip of a lifetime, now imagine 2001: A Space Odyssey backwards…okay, that’s a fairly close description of this Psychedelic-Krautrock trio. There’s almost a freestyle essence about Electric Moon, it’s what amplifies their aesthetic as the tones, echoes and immense reverbs almost transcend you to a state of wtf? Their latest LP, Mind Explosion is indeed a mind-ahem, you get my drift; it’s raw and intense like the rest of their records.

Their progression in songs is loose and natural as if there is a true heart and soul of the journey within. The songs are never short; they are always of epic proportions. Their flow is always unpredictable like a space shuttle in orbit with the odd tremble of intergalactic turbulence until its inevitable decline. Riffs and speeds distort and morph throughout, tearing a (black) hole in your cerebral musical cortex. At this particular festival, I’m sure that bassist Komet Lulu, guitarist Sula Bassana and Marcus on drums will deliver you to the edge of the universe with their nebula of sounds. This, I’m sure, is what the folks of the Berlin Psych Festival will be looking for and maybe, just maybe, you’ll come away understanding all of what is beyond man.

For now, enjoy Far Out’s 17 minute monster Track of the Day, ‘The Picture’:

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