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Egyptian Blue refuse to come back down on the brilliant 'Never'


Yala! Record post-punk darlings have shared a brand new single in the wonderfully defiant ‘Never’. It’s a rip-roaring look at the role media plays in our societal isolate. It’s our Track of the Day.

Egyptian Blue are relative newcomers to the scene, with last year’s EP Collateral Damage offering a bright future for the band from Brighton. Currently, on tour supporting The Murder Capital, the group are far more honed than their comparative age suggests.

They’re looking to make that point even more firmly on the follow-up release, Body Of Itch EP, which is due for release via Yala! on 10th April. Judging by their first single from the record, ‘Never’, it’s going to be a point permanently embedded on our eardrums.

As well as a glitching post-punk hum, the band also deliver a lyrically dense proposition on ‘Never’, as they delve into the role media plays in our society. “We need to constantly question what we’re being told, particularly from world leaders, whatever side they’re on,” says the band’s Andy Buss of the single.

“My mum was talking about the Iraq war and the ‘weapons of mass deception’ headlines – it’s been happening for decades! She was so exasperated by it all that she’d say, ‘One day we’ll climb the mountain, but I’m never coming down.’ Those words stuck with me.”

Those words, and a feeling of unrest and vulnerability, are the key themes that run across this otherwise chest-pounding rhythm. Slashed by the first riff, the vocals are reminiscent of early-Paddingtons, all while layers continue to fall upon the already heavy question the band are posing.

Listen to Egyptian Blue’s ‘Never’ below and get ready for Body Of Itch arriving on April 10th